Hoeksealer - Hoeksealer met Krimptunnel (COMBI)

foto1 Soort Hoeksealer
Fabrikant Hoeksealer (Nieuw)
Type machine Hoeksealer met Krimptunnel (COMBI)
Technical features:
-Fast install film system.
-The height of sealing rubber can be adjusted according to sealing bar and products.In this way,the products will has a perfect shrink effect.
-The height of shrink tunnel can be adjusted according to sealing-bar so that it assorts the height of sealing rubber.
-Automatically operate can be choosed
-Designed inside sirocco recycle ,small size but has a high efficiency.
-Equipped with prevent hands from cutting safety system.The height of L bar sealer can be adjusted according to hand-wheel.
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